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Please Note: To find an approved provider in your area, you must click on your region on the map below. (The map provides contact information of Clearinghouse Livescan Service Providers. Some providers may not be able to assist you, so make sure to contact the provider before visiting their service location.)

The implementation of the Clearinghouse has directly impacted the business process and requirements for Livescan Vendor Service Providers who provide services to employees and providers of the Clearinghouse. Specifically, Livescan service locations must have the ability to communicate electronically with the state agency accepting screening results from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) and provide a photograph of the applicant taken at the time the fingerprints are submitted. (s. 435.04(1)(e) and s. 435.12(2)(a)(5), Florida Statutes).


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Please Note: The Livescan Service Provider list that is displayed on this site is organized by region and county, and then alphabetized by city and business name. If you would like to view the original list that we receive directly from the Agency for Healthcare Administration (AHCA), please click here.

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