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The bill also requires that establishments implement a procedure for reporting suspected human trafficking and post a sign in an area accessible to employees with the relevant provisions of that procedure. The Board of Massage Therapy will be adopting Rules to implement this requirement. Information on rulemaking can be found in the Board’s meeting agendas published on our website at: Massage Therapy Meeting Information. Massage Establishments licensed after July 1, 2019 are required to have a Designated Establishment Manager (DEM). Massage Establishments licensed before July 1, 2019 must name a DEM by January 1, 2020. A DEM must be a licensed Massage Therapist with a clear and active license without restriction, practice at the establishment, and be responsible for the operation of the establishment in accordance with the laws and rules. Below are the new and revised draft forms for establishments which incorporate the requirement for a DEM. These forms are listed below and will be considered at the next meeting of the Board of Massage Therapy.  
*Applications and forms are coming soon.