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Processing Travel Reimbursements for Board Member Travel


Traveler/Board Member Responsibility

Traveler has 10 days from the conclusion of travel to provide the required reimbursement documentation to the Operational Support Services (OSS) unit. The OSS unit then has 3 days after receiving the reimbursement documentation to process and forward to Finance and Accounting to insure a timely reimbursement warrant is issued to the traveler. All documents are required at the time the reimbursement package is submitted to avoid delays.

Board Member Signatures – After the reimbursement voucher is completed by an OSS staff member, he/she will email the voucher, in PDF format, to the board members for their signature. Upon receipt, the board member will need to sign the voucher, scan it, and return the signed voucher to: Boardtravelreimb@flhealth.gov

MQA – Authorized Travel Reimbursement Summary Form (Attachment 1): Board members must complete and sign this form indicating all reimbursable expenses:

(1) MQA - Authorized Travel Reimbursement Summary Form

  1. Name
  2. SSN (last 4 digits only)
  3. Address to receive correspondence
  4. Phone Number (if any problems arise processing your reimbursement)
  5. Location of Meeting (City)
  6. Dates of Meeting
  7. Departure Date
  8. Departure Time (Time you left your office or home)
  9. Return Date
  10. Return Time (Time you arrived at your office or home)
  11. Use of privately owned vehicle? (POV)
    1. If traveler uses their privately owned vehicle, a Rental Car vs POV Worksheet will be completed by OSS staff to determine the most cost effective method of travel (Rental car or POV) and whether a deduction is necessary to the total reimbursement amount claimed. If using a POV is not a savings to the State, the traveler will be reimbursed the lesser amount.


**Reimbursable Travel Expenses being claimed – supply receipts

  1. Hotel – cost of hotel (if not covered under DOH contract)
  2. Airfare of commercial carrier
    1. Submit signed receipt. E-tickets are NOT an acceptable form of receipt. If a change was made to your original reservation, you must submit the original and the changed reservation receipts.
    2. State prefers using air transportation for travel over 300 miles one-way. You must obtain permission from the executive director of the board office which you are traveling for.
    3. If utilizing a commercial carrier, purchase the lowest available airfare. There is not a state term contract for commercial airlines.
  3. Rental Car
    1. The State prefers the use of our contracted vendor, ENTERPRISE.
    2. The State will reimburse the cost of a compact (Type 2) vehicle rental. Valid justification is required for rental of a larger class vehicle.
    3. Submit signed and dated receipt for car rental showing actual cost and pickup and return dates and time.
  4. Fuel – Cost of Fuel (only reimbursed when using rental car)
    1. Submit signed and dated fuel receipts.
  5. Parking (Self)
    1. The State only reimburses for self-parking unless valid justification is provided for utilizing valet parking (i.e. physical disability, only method of parking available, etc.). If claiming physical disability, you must supply a doctor’s note in order for F&A to process this for payment
  6. Tolls Paid
    1. Submit actual tolls receipt or SUNPASS ledger from SUNPASS account showing tolls paid for dates of travel.
  7. Checked Baggage Costs to Airlines
    1. Submit actual receipt showing cost of checked baggage
  8. Portage – Tips (Number of bags must be included)
    1. Luggage handling at hotel, airport, etc. – limited to $1.00 per piece. No receipt required. (Justification: 3 bags at 1.00 each = $3.00)
  9. Cab Fare
    1. Submit dated and signed receipts with explanation (airport to hotel, hotel to airport).
  10. Board business calls or faxes made.
  11. Other: Specify any other expenses being claimed



Things to Know

Prior to travel, board offices process an “Authorization to Incur Travel” for all board meetings to obtain approval for all travel expenses. Upon receipt of all required documentation, the OSS staff will validate requested reimbursement amounts against the approved “Authorization to Incur Travel”. If there are inconsistencies, without valid justification, between the amount being claimed for reimbursement by traveler and the approved expenses, the authorized amount will govern. Board member and board staff shall be notified in those instances by OSS staff.

If you are traveling prior to or beyond the approved time, please obtain prior approval and provide a justification.


The traveler will receive reimbursement for meals, on a set rate, during travel based on the departure and return time of a travel event. It is not necessary for travelers to submit meal receipts to claim reimbursement for meals. Time criteria and meal allowances are defined as follows:

Reimbursable amounts:

  • Breakfast: $ 6.00 (Travel begins before 6 a.m. – extending beyond 8 a.m.)
  • Lunch: $11.00 (Travel begins before 12 p.m. – extending beyond 2 p.m.)
  • Dinner: $19.00 (Travel begins before 6 p.m. – extending beyond 8 p.m.)


Per-diem is applied on the LAST day of travel and shall be calculated using four six hour quarters beginning at midnight for travelers traveling overnight.

The traveler will receive PER DIEM, at a set rate of $20.00 for each quarter, during travel based on the traveler’s return time home.

  • Quarter 1: Travel ends between 12:00 am and 6:00 am = $20.00
  • Quarter 2: Travel ends between 6:01 am and 12:00 pm = $20.00
  • Quarter 3: Travel ends between 12:01 pm and 6:00 pm = $20.00
  • Quarter 4: Travel ends between 6:01 pm and 11:59 pm = $20.00

Ex. If you depart on 11/1 at 11:55 am and return 11/2 at 5:55 pm, you will receive:
Meals: $30.00 for lunch and dinner
Per Diem: $60.00 per diem


A traveler shall not claim per diem or lodging reimbursement for overnight travel within 50 miles (one-way) of his headquarters or residence city unless the circumstance necessitating the overnight stay are fully explained by the traveler approved by the agency head and attached to the travel voucher. The Board office must obtain prior approval for overnight lodging for any board member who reside within a fifty miles radius of the board meeting location. Please contact your board office if you need to obtain approval.

Please email requests for travel reimbursements with supporting documents to Boardtravelreimb@flhealth.gov

The attached MQA – Authorized Travel Reimbursement Summary Form must be completed, signed and submitted with your receipts in order for OSS staff to process your reimbursement.

Your reimbursement will not be processed without the submission of this form and will delay payment.

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