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Unlicensed Activity & Fraud

'Dr. Compassionate 420' gave 'Vampire face lifts,' cops say. She had no medical license

A Florida woman unlicensed for medical care performed laser facial plastic surgery and did plasma-injecting "Vampire face lifts," federal, state and Polk County cops say.
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Central Florida man accused of pretending to be psychologist

More than a dozen people are expected to testify against a Central Florida man who investigators say pretended to be a psychologist...

Woman Bonded out of Jail after arrest on 48 counts of unlicensed Botox injections

The $50,000 bond for 55-year-old Liliana Patricia Sanchez breaks down like this: $3,000 for one count of controlled substance possession and $1,000 for each of another three counts...

Delray spa owner facing charge of practicing medicine without license

A Delray Beach spa owner is facing a charge of practicing medicine without a license after city police said she agreed to give an undercover officer a testosterone injection...

Report Unlicensed Activity

The unlicensed practice of a healthcare profession is a felony and a risk to your health. Report these impostors to the Florida Department of Health.